Jernved Idrætsforening


Jernved Idrætsforening



Jernved Idrætsforening er over 100 år, idet foreningen blev stiftet i 1908.

Foreningen has been in sports grounds at Sportsvej for many years, but in connection with the building of Aktivitetshuset, the activities have been gathered here.


Foreningens aktiviteter omfatter ud over fodbold, der er den største, også kroket og volleyball. Moreover, there have been periods arranged for children. This might turn back.


All of my years are held by party, which together with the weekly club bankroll is the association's most important source of income. Byfesten is also a very important part of the city's social life.


In addition to the daily activities, the association tries to be active on other fronts as a practical organizer of courses under JBU, indoor competitions for young boys and girls and football schools under DGI and other offers that may come and be relevant.


Jernved Idrætsforening er desuden medlem af Esbjerg Idrætsråd og forsøger at være aktiv medlem af Fællesudvalget i Jernved.


It's our goal to be active and visible, and we try to make at least one new thing big or small every year.




Formand Per Lauridsen 24296171

Næstformand Carsten Lund 23610588

Jesper Hansen 24294733

Kenneth Rosendahl 51333781

Lasse Pagaard 22180555

Plovfureløb 2018

fredag 29.6.kl. 18.30 i Jernved.

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Plovfureløbet 2018